Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Night Shift Dynasty

The Stats
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 11.5%
Current Ratings...
- Untappd: 4.09/5
- Beer Advocate: 4.22/5
- RateBeer: N/A

"Our imperial stout has arrived to reign over the New England winter! Dynasty is a massive, rich beer - the perfect can for a beer share, a tailgate, or an after-dinner treat. Notes of dark fruit and baker's chocolate cascade over the palate with a backbone of roast and molasses. At 11.5% ABV, Dynasty has some serious power."

Pours pitch black with no hint of brown or ruby red. I got a solid finger of almond-colored head.

Strong aromas of black coffee, black licorice, and leather come forth with attitude. Bitter dark chocolate, milk chocolate, roasted malts, and even hints of pine bring the aroma to a conclusion.

Much like the aroma, the biggest players here on the taste are again the black coffee and black licorice. The initial impact is a thud of sweetness with hints of cherries, but dark chocolate bitterness and coffee grounds wash that clean away. As an accent to the bitter flavors, some citrus starts to emerge and helps fend off some of the more bitter times. The back half has moments of vanilla and maybe even the smallest bit of toffee, but that licorice flavor never seems to let up. There's even a bit of plum or fruit concentrate in the aftertaste which is mostly all coffee.

Mouthfeel is full-bodied with a smooth texture and subtle heat on each sip. The 11.5% is nowhere to be found and the body isn't cloying or too thick.

Dynasty was a great Imperial Stout that didn't need added flavors to wow the palate. Lots of bitterness with splashes of piney and juicy hops resulted in a complex stout that hides the massive 11.5% beautifully.


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