Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Trillium Dialed In with Moscato Juice

The Stats
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8.5%
Current Ratings...
- Untappd: 4.29/5
- Beer Advocate: 4.35/5
- RateBeer: 3.7/5

"This iteration of Dialed In is a fresh, juicy Double IPA intensively dry hopped with Galaxy and Vic Secret. Pouring a vibrant, hazy gold; aromas of grape, lemon, and light melon waft from the glass. Pineapple, and stone fruit balance with a vinous notes from the mid-fermentation addition of Moscato juice. Soft and creamy with moderate bitterness; Medium-Light bodied with a crisp, dry finish."

Pours the classic golden orange with a hazy/murky body and the pour produced less than a finger of white head.

This one has a nice, bright, floral aroma coming out of the gate. A biting dankness and bitter character are prominent and so are small bits of lemon zest and herbaceous mint.

The is much sweeter than the nose. Blood oranges and clementines for sure, but the floral and potpourri component from the aroma is (pun intended) blossoming with each sip. I'm getting lots of grassy hop flavors much like a fresh-cut lawn, but there's still room for mango and tangerines. Those fruitier notes are relatively clean, but the intensity of the flowers and even a good amount of pine never leave you without flavors to savor. More herbal notes emerge near the back, but the finish has a lot of dank bitterness.

Mouthfeel is relatively calm, but full-bodied and has a creamy quality. Alcohol is nowhere to be found and the lighter, cleaner citrus makes for easy drinkability.

This edition of Dialed In was heavy on the flowers, but still had some trademark Trillium juice. It drinks like a single IPA, so it is easy to kick back a few cans and pay for it later. The floral aroma and taste did not distract from a big bitter, dank bite. The complexity and drinkability of this DIPA would satisfy many different hop heads and this version is one of my favorites of the Dialed In series.


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