Saturday, June 17, 2023

Founders Brewing Porter


Style: American Porter
ABV: 6.5%
Current Untappd Rating: 3.86

Brewery Description
"No absence of hops gives Founders’ robust porter the full flavor you deserve and expect. Cozy like velvet. It’s a lover, not a fighter."

When I first got serious about beer way back in 2012 it was hard to find Founders beer in my area (hard to believe now). I distinctly recall the day I found Founders Porter at one my stores and immediately grabbed it off the shelf and clutched it tighter than my true love. I don't remember the last time I've had it but even to this day this remains one of the most highly thought of American Porters on the market.


Absolutely black out. Pitch black in all regards with no red or brown on the edges. The pour produced a hefty three fingers of off-white head.


Lots of roast and I mean A LOT. It's like a cup of coffee though I don't think it is specifically brewed with any coffee. I get some sweet caramel notes and even some vanilla. A good hint of chocolate syrup rounds out what is turning into a decadent dessert beer. 


I tell ya that roast from the aroma is singing just as loud and proud here on the taste. It's bordering on burnt coffee, but is reeled in just enough where it is just dark roast. With that comes a big blast of bitterness, but it is quite pleasant. My next swig just got me a ton of that chocolate syrup which brings us right back to dessert beer territory. Subtle caramel notes in the front and the end is more of that coffee bitterness.


Not too thick, but not watered down. Very smooth and velvety as the brewer's description prepared me for. Despite all that coffee bitterness it is a pleasure to drink and it doesn't leave behind a sticky film despite all the sweet flavors.


Lives up to its reputation and then some. It's a robust porter at a reasonable ABV and is available year round. A winner in all aspects.


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